Hollyberry Soaps

Natural skincare, Eco beauty, Handcrafted soap

hollyberry started with awareness of what we put in and on our bodies. Because personal care products we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream – we believe that what goes “on” is as important as what goes “in”.
That is why here at hollyberry soaps, we are passionate about making our soaps, bath and body products using natural ingredients provided by Mother Nature in packaging that is also Eco-Friendly!
Using natural ingredients also causes less damage to the environment as no harsh chemicals are washed down the drain – very important for a soap company!
hollyberry really believes in freshness of the products. We craft our products thoughtfully in the beautiful prairies of Alberta for ultimate freshness. As in all things fresh, beautiful and without preservatives – our products do have a shelf life.
We pride ourselves on being a transparent company. What you see on the label is what you get; clear, simple and honest ingredients. And we never test on our furry friends.
Enjoy sunshine, fresh air, sleep, drink plenty of water and use hollyberry natural products! Your skin will feel harmonized and beautiful!

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