Jill Paddock Art

Abstract Artist

I am a wife, momma to 3 boys, former grade 1 teacher, colour-loving artist & I love sharing my passion for paint!

Although I have an educational background in art, my creative obsession was sparked by the realization that making art was very effective at easing anxiety and giving me an outlet to process big emotions. For me, making art is healing, soulful, musical, emotional, moving & now an essential part of my being. When I’m in the process of creating, I feel like I get a glimpse in the ‘more than’, a sacred space, just something deeper…connected to a Universe that celebrates awe, passion, wonder, beauty. Creating nourishes my soul & makes life a little lighter.

I am inspired by the stunning colours, shapes & beauty of both natural and urban environments. Movement and change are a fundamental theme throughout my work. I often include song lyrics, quotes or poems written on the back, to express the emotion connected to each piece.

My hope is that you see or feel something familiar in a different way through my work, that you will be drawn into it and allow yourself the time to explore why.