Kolera Jewellery

Everyday Jewellery that Compliments You

Hi there!!

I’m Michelle, the owner of Kolera.

My love of jewellery started at a young age and having a small jewellery business was always a dream of mine. This dream started as a result of being constantly disappointed by large fast-fashion retail chains lower quality jewellery.

My goal at Kolera is to create jewellery that compliments you and your everyday life using higher quality materials. Jewellery that isn’t overly fussy, jewellery you can put on, leave on and not have to worry about. Our pieces aren’t meant to overpower you and your beautiful self, they are meant to compliment you, your style, your vibe, and your everyday life.

The materials that are used are 925 sterling silver, gold-filled, gold plated and we also have a few pieces which are solid 10k gold.

Our pieces range from trendy to classic and we definitely have something for everyone!

Much love,


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