Kopi Thyme

Sauces | Southeast Asian | Gluten Free | Natural Ingredients

Kopi Thyme is an Ontario-based CPG brand specialising in gourmet Southeast Asian sauces and marinades. Tying in nostalgia and comfort food, we present you flavours from our roots. Welcome to your new pantry staple!


Cook Southeast Asian comfort food in minutes! Get creative and use our sauces as a cooking base/marinade/dip to level up your everyday meals.

We take pride in being innovative in our flavours and aim to preserve the authenticity of traditional Southeast Asian flavours. Embracing our roots by showcasing them in fun, quick and easy ways.

Our recipes are based from our own family’s generational roots best kept-secrets. Officially launched in November 2022 after years of development, we proudly bring to you flavour from our roots!


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