Krafted Kreations

Natural Soy Candles

Krafted Kreations is a company inspired by self-care. We specialize in ethically sourced products including candles. Krafted Kreations was created to show how creative and fun self-care even when taking a more natural route. Let’s not forget how good it can smell 🙂


Krafted Kreations aim to create products that are “cleaner” for consumers (you) as well as the environment. Thus the slogan made with you in mind was born. We are proud of our slogan because it not only reflects our values as it relates to our products but, it also reflects what we proudly support and believe in. ♡

Although people often overlook it, mental health is an important issue. At a scary time of uncertainty, at a time where emotions were high and terrible thoughts as well as anxiety started to creep in, candle-making was able to bring us peace and joy. As a result, we thought it was only right to donate a percentage of all proceeds to support a cause we believed in the most, mental health.


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