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Hello, I am Laura the designer, creator and owner of Laura’s Designs!

Originally from a small fishing village called Open Hall on the northeast coast of Newfoundland;  I spent my childhood sewing with my grandmother. I was quite inquisitive from a young age in regards to sewing and crafting. I moved to Alberta in 2006 and began working in the oil and gas industry. I am a wife. I am mom. I am a dog lover. I love to travel. I love to make pretty things.

Laura’s Designs began in September of 2018. My son was two years old and I was eight months pregnant with my second son. I had rediscovered sewing and my creativity was in abundance. My husband and daughter are my silent partners as they both help out our family business in many ways. Together we make handcrafted genuine leather drop earrings and beautiful geode style stud earrings. We also love designing and creating unique faux leather/glitter/fabric bows. Our scrunchies are made from only the finest sourced fabrics and they are our top seller.

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