Freshen Up Lavender Linen Water + Room Spray

Lavender + Clean Linen = Perfection

Freshen Up Lavender Linen Water + Room Spray 8 oz – $24

Who doesn’t like the smell of clean linen, especially when it smells like lavender?

Try our calming and tranquil Freshen Up room and linen water spray with aromatic lavender essential oil. Keep your linens and fabrics feeling fresh and clean with our signature blend.


Spritz a bit on your pillow before bedtime to add scent to your pillow and have sweet dreams or spray on freshly dried laundry and throw it back into the dryer for 10 minutes to have the smell on your clean clothes!

Shake well before each use. Do not spray directly on wood, and spot test before applying. Do not ingest. For external use only.

Do a spot test before using.  Use caution when applying to synthetic, delicate, muslin, rayon, wool or silk fabrics. It contains less than 3% alcohol, which can or may react to these types of fabrics.

Our naturally lavender-infused products are proudly crafted in small batches to ensure that all our products receive the care and attention they deserve.  Products are designed for sensitive skin and provide the healing benefits of lavender, which is grown on our farm of over 6,000 plants in Ontario, Canada.


Benefits + Features
Same scent as our skincare line
No artificial perfumes or additives
It does not leave a “perfume” effect
Pure and organic essential oils
Use in your room and your furniture
Spray on freshly dried laundry and throw it back in the dryer

Our Promise to You
100% all-natural
Free from GMOs
No added chemicals or additives
100% Canadian
Contain no parabens

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