littleROO collective

Handmade, Modern, Multi-functional Baby Accessories

I am Amanda, owner and creator of all things littleROO collective. Offering mommies a wide selection of modern yet multi-functional baby accessories. I hand-make all of the accessories you find in the shop and focus on providing the best quality in each and every piece. I 100% stand behind all my pieces and I hope you do too!

littleROO collective was born just a few short months after our third baby,  and second daughter Posie Mae. She was our first surprise gender and not knowing who she was for 9 months made the bonding process look a little different. With my other two pregnancies, we found out who they were by 15 weeks, we had their names chosen, closets full of clothes, and nurseries done specifically for them. However when you do not know who you will be bringing into the world, the process of even picking out a special coming home outfit for that baby is much more difficult. I wanted a way to be able to connect with the little human I was growing inside of me, as I was having difficulty bonding and felt quite guilty about it, so my husband named “her” little roo. It made me feel a lot better being able to call her by a name, and easier for us to get our other two, Jack and Gwendalyn, involved as well.

It has been a dream of mine for years to own a baby accessories shop, and now that our family of five is complete, it feels like now is the perfect time. I have big dreams on where I want to take littleROO and I thank you all for supporting my small shop!

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