Natural & Handcrafted Goods to Live More with Less!

The MO.SS lifestyle philosophy is all about discovering new ways of living more with less.

It’s about finding the right balance within your world to bring joy into your life. It’s about simplicity and focusing on what makes your day to day more meaningful.

There is no right or wrong. The goal is the journey in and of itself. Whether it be through physical activities like yoga, or trying new activities/ projects (in my case a lot of DIY & making soap); change and discover your true joie de vivre through the elimination of redundancy and clutter in both your environment and your mind.


Keeping with our philosophy of living more with less, we use only hand selected and necessary ingredients to create the moisturizing, yet cleansing soap bars. Using the Cold Process Method, the different oils contribute to the size of lather, the silkiness of the bubbles as well as the hydrating benefits to your hair and skin.

All our saponified oils are organic and mixed together with a carefully curated selection of oils to create the most luxurious lathers. Our soaps are handmade, hand-cut in small batches directly in our home.

We are also very eco-conscious about our footprint when it comes to the packaging of our goods. We carefully wrap all orders with recycled and recyclable kraft paper, tied together with twine rope & provide the label/product instructions directly on the kraft wrapper to reduce additional waste. Boxes and packages are also hand selected to be eco-conscious, and are either recyclable, compostable or reused.


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  1. Clay soap galore

    I have had the pleasure to try many of live moss’s. They are great! I must say I adore the clay soaps. They are great for people with sensitive skin. I’ve had eczema since I was a child and the moisturizing affects of these clay soaps come par per par to highly expensive creams that I’ve bought in the past. In comparison, I find live moss’s soaps to be longer lasting as a product, less expensive (the bundles are great!), naturally moisturizing and smells divine. Will definitely get and use again. Highly recommend the clay soaps. Try it out!

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