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Carefully curated ethical, sustainable and second-hand pieces for the conscious 🇨🇦 consumer. Female owned. We’re here to keep you #intheloop.

In a world full of buzz words and misleading marketing tactics, conscious shopping isn’t always the easiest thing to do. We’ve taken the time to research and vet brands and products that meet the highest possible ethical standards in manufacturing and distribution, because you should never have to worry about whether or not the brands you’re supporting are supporting their communities and the planet.

Here at loop & sew, we believe in the power of mindful consumption.

Being aware of the brands that we support and the materials that our products are made from go beyond effecting our daily lives. We also believe that every individual deserves to work in an environment where their livelihoods, physical, and mental health are protected always.

Our team is passionate about educating those around us on the very real environmental and human impact that their purchases as consumers have. We provide information on sustainable and ethical brands as well as feasible steps our customers can take in order to do their part in protecting our world.



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