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Ethically sourced cork yoga mats and natural yoga accessories

With the evolution of the yoga industry moving towards a greater awareness of environmental sustainability, cork-based products are becoming the natural choice.
Lush Valley Lifestyle has respectfully designed our products to reflect this global consciousness. With the simplicity of nature, our premium cork mats provide both luxury and comfort for every yoga practice; From a gentle meditation practice to a powerful vinyasa flow. Cork is nature’s gift to us. It is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic, which provides a healthy, plant-based alternative to your practice. With cork’s unrivaled grip, our mat beneath your feet will ground you firmly in place and cradle your body through every transition and posture. The natural rubber backing gently yields to the pressure of your body to cushion and support your every move.

We’ve chosen to use natural linen for both our carrying straps and meditation cushions, keeping in line with our values. Linen is well known for its anti-bacterial properties, lasting durability, unrivaled comfort, and rich colours, it’s also lint-free, non-allergenic, and breathable. Compared to other textiles, linen has one of the lowest environmental impacts, making it the obvious choice for us.

At Lush Valley Lifestyle we wanted to be able to give back to the earth. With this as one of our main goals and core values, we have wrapped every one of our products in 100% plantable wildflower seed paper, eliminating excess waste. So feel free to plant, water, and watch the flowers grow!


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