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Do you ever come home after work feeling so drained that instead of spending time on your hobbies, you just sit and watch TV?
Do you feel total dread on your way into work because you can’t stand the thought of spending another day of your life doing something you don’t care about?
Do you wake up on weekends feeling overwhelmed because you want to make the most of your life but don’t know how?
What if …
You didn’t have to spend Sundays dreading the week ahead because your work lights you up.

You got to spend your week days catching noon yoga classes and working out of cafes because you have total control over how you spend your time.

When asked what it is you do for a living, you get excited just talking about it.

As a Certified Professional Coach with a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and expertise in Positive Psychology, I help people who feel stuck or lost figure out their next move.

Don’t love the 9 to 5 trap you feel stuck in? Start a side hustle, passion project, business, head down a new career path or simply change jobs.

With 1:1 coaching I help you figure out what you’re really meant to be doing with your life so you can start living it to the fullest.

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