Mama Be Well Pregnancy Botanical Box

Pregnancy Botanical Gift Box

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Pregnancy is an incredible and life changing experience. Feel naturally nourished from the inside out with our Mama Be Well- Pregnancy Botanical Box.


This box contains our:

🌹Beautiful Belly Balm (50 g): provides nourishment and hydration to growing bellies, helping to reduce appearance of stretch marks. Leaves skin feeling subtle and smooth.

🌹Mother’s Wellness Tea (20 g): nourishing herbal tea rich in vitamins and minerals, helps meet extra nutrient demands during pregnancy and beyond. Strengthens the body, supports nervous system, tones the uterus and aids digestion.

🌹Nipple Nourish Salve (25 g): provides soothing relief for sore/cracked nipples. Use this during pregnancy on sensitive nipples, dry lips and skin. For postpartum mamas, it makes the perfect breastfeeding companion. It soothes and repairs damaged tissue, making nursing more comfortable and enjoyable.