Melina Power

Contemporary Canadian Abstract Artist

“Painting has always been about the process for me. It’s freeing and intuitive. I am inspired by the material itself and enjoy investigating how colour & texture interact through layering. A gestural approach is guided by my creative subconscious to build the composition and engage in a push & pull dynamic. I love slopping the paint on thick but scraping it away to reveal the grain of the fabric that lies underneath.”

– Melina Power

Since 2011, Melina has been experimenting in her studio with various forms of texture, colour, light, and composition. Void of predetermined layout plans, her process is purely exploratory. Each piece originates by trusting in her subconscious and intuition, allowing the materials to take on a life for themselves.

Melina is also formally trained in the Fine Arts. She began her career working as a Graphic Designer for several companies in the corporate world, to later find her way as an independent Studio Jeweller and Goldsmith. Melina runs her small business and brand, NAKIIT, handcrafting contemporary sterling silver and gold jewellery. Throughout her diverse artistic journey, painting has always been a creative outlet that has brought her immense gratification and an opportunity to take a break from the jewellery bench once in a while.

View her online gallery here. Open for custom abstract art commissions for your home, office, or staging projects.