Millennia TEA

Fresh Plant POWER - Your New Daily Superfood Staple

The world’s first Undried, Organic, FROZEN tea leaves.

Steep. Blend. Cook. 

  • Enjoyed steeped as a tea.
  • Blended into a smoothie or Shake
  • Added to elevate any recipe


We are a company born out of a health scare. We learned there’s a powerhouse antioxidant in tea that’s well researched and incredibly effective at neutralizing free radicals and protecting cells. It’s called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), and it’s found in tea.

We then learned that fresh tea leaves have the highest levels of EGCG antioxidants. Those life-giving properties degrade with exposure to heat, light, and air, which is how all dried teas are processed.

We needed tea in its healthiest and purest form. That’s why we created an entirely NEW category: FRESH-LEAF TEA, without the usage of any additives.

Using our patented method – Our leaves are picked, washed and flash frozen.

We are passionate about the potential for fresh-leaf tea to fuel wellness and fight illness. And we believe we’re in the best position of any company in the world to share the incredible origin story of tea. That’s why we’re creating a new global category of tea.

We hope you’ll give Millennia a try and experience plant power like never before.

– Tracy & Rory Bell

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