Modern Emulsions

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From uncreative beginnings (B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.Mgt. Finance, CMA, and a 10 year analytical career), an unexpected spark ignited in late 2015. Suddenly, the urge to connect with the community, the need to create, and the need to be free, set ablaze a series of events, starting with leaving the corporate world, and entering the unknown.

Within months, painting became a constant, and creation took a hold of daily life. By summer 2016, Modern Emulsions was born.

I can officially say I am an emerging, self-taught contemporary artist, specializing in the blending effects between acrylics and resin. My work is modern, fluid, and has a glassy finish.

My soul is warm. I feel at home.



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  1. 110% Recommend this artist and her work!!

    Modern Emulsions (Magda) is one of my favourite artists! I wanted a piece of her art for ages, and couldn’t believe how perfect all of her art is in person. I was a little worried meeting her in real life, but having done so, I can say you are not only buying a unique, one of a kind art piece, but supporting a kind and beautiful soul as well!

  2. Exceptional Custom Art

    We were impressed with the level of service provided by Magda! From an initial home consultation and discussion, to the detailed intake form, progress shots of our custom painting, and finally delivery (with the hanging system included).

    I loved that we were able to choose a size of art that wasn’t standard size, and choose colours. We felt involved in the whole process, making it a truly custom experience.
    J & L Larson

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