Sustainable eco-friendly clothing

EVRDAY is an ecofriendly clothing brand 100% made in Montreal, Canada.


Our mission is to provide ethical and sustainable fashion by creating high quality clothes here un Montreal, while using an eco-friendly process, from A to Z.

Our values? Our Community , Integrity and the Planet. We want to create the futur surrounded by an amazing community. We need good humans with good values around us.

Why you should wear EVRDAY?

Our clothing collection is one of the most eco-friendly and performant at the moment, using Tencel Lyocell.

-Let me tell you why.


Lyocell fibers are incredibly soft to the touch, this is perfect for everyday clothes.


Warm conditions: Help body temperature regulation by keeping the skin cooler and drier.

Cold conditions: Same. Yes, moisture management contribute to the comfort because keeping the skin as dry reduces body heat loss and shivers, even during cold climate activities . And you know what? Surface stays dry even when the air humidity is high.


TENCEL™ absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton. Because of that amazing moisture control, Lyocell provides a less friendly environment for bacterial growth, in comparison to polyester. This mean no body odour, you can really wear clothes more than once before washing them!


The raw materials are derived from sustainable wood sources to produce Lyocell fabric with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. Lyocell TENCEL™ fabric has been certified as biodegradable and compostable by the Belgium certification company Vinçotte.

With EVRDAY you can have the assurance that your fashion choices are not causing an adverse impact on the environment.

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