Reusable Produce Bags

Home is where the Earth is.

Behind NANA & CO are two sisters with a big heart to venture out to make a difference not only for the community, but for the planet as well. Nawal and Nahida moved to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia as refugees with big dreams and aspirations to one day make a difference. Despite the difficult journey they had to take to get here, they never let the rough road dim their positivity towards life and their dreams of taking care of the environment.

NANA & CO create produce bags and shopping bags that are not only eco-friendly but are single handedly crafted with recycled fabric bought from a local non-profit textile recycling initiative that is purchased from second hand stores or donated.

NANA & CO is fully committed to protecting the environment and adopting a lifestyle that promotes sustainability by eliminating single use plastic by one plastic at a time.

We sincerely invite you to join our movement!