New Country Spirit


The New Country Spirit Mission

New Country Spirit is an independently owned and operated business focused on community, country and adventure.


It is important to us to make sure you feel like there is a sense of community while visiting our site. You will see featured upcoming artists and blog posts that will be personal and create the connection every community needs. You will also see us supporting charities along the way. We want to help create positivity, connection and kindness in this world. Be part of our community by following us on Instagram and Facebook.


We have a country flair here which we are proud of! You’ll see country artists featured on our site and of course who doesn’t love a good leather belt and buckle. New Country Spirit works closely with artisan crafters to create our exclusive line of spirited products that are sure to show off your country side and pride.


We love adventure hear at NCS! You’ll often find us camping and hiking when we aren’t busy working. Show us your adventure pics by using the #countryspirit and tagging so we can see them! You’ll also see adventure reflected in a lot of the clothes we’ll be carrying and in our social media posts.

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