Northern Ashanti

Merging West African Fashion with North American Lifestyle

Merging a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create something unique, exciting and innovative. That is what the Northern Ashanti brand is all about, merging West African Fashion with the North American Lifestyle. Think of Northern Ashanti as a first generation person, at first glance you see kente material, nothing unusual. Like when you first glance at a first generation person you will take there ethnicity for face value. However, it isn’t until you touch a Northern Ashanti scarf you will realize the material isn’t typical rigid cotton cloth, it is made out of material durable to withstand harsh winter weather. Similar to when you start to talk to a first generation person you will understand there upbringing and background, they are a fusion of their native and current land.

This is what Northern Ashanti embodies, hence mission statement “West African Fashion with the North American Lifestyle”. As we continue to expand the brand we keep in mind the initial goal; creating items for those who want to express their love for West African culture, style and designs but also function in North American day – to day life. With the goal top of mind we always consider, quality, comfort and style when creating new a collection for the brand. Stay close to Northern Ashanti and come with us on the journey as we birth new items that are fit for your everyday lifestyle while loudly expressing your appreciation for the mother land without saying a single word.

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