Olga Naturals

High Performance Plant Based Skincare

High performance plant-based skincare created by a Medical Herbalist.

Supporting the skin’s natural ways of progression with bioavailable nutrients, enhanced hydration, and gentle cell-turnover to keep skin looking and feeling its best no matter what stage of life.

Our advanced formulas deliver active nutrients that effectively restore the skin’s pH and protect the delicate acid mantle from dryness, damage and aging.


Our formulas are:

Inclusive –  for everyone.

Cleanpure ingredients + ECOcert cosmeceuticals.  

Minimalconcentrated formulas that eliminate the need for product layering. 

Cruelty freetested on happy humans only. 

Eco-consciousCanadian sourced + sustainably selected ingredients + minimal product packaging to lesson our footprint.

Our goal is to not only create safe and effective skincare for all, but to uplift the spirit with beautiful textures, natural scents and the knowledge that our wellbeing is directly impacted by the small choices we make to nourish ourselves.

web: olganaturals.com

instagram: @olganaturals

– Alison Brown Dolmont (owner + founder)

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