Postpartum Perineal Recovery Spray

by Olga Naturals

A soothing herbal blend to ease pain and discomfort after giving birth.

Perineal Recovery Spray is the secret weapon we want all mamas to know about! A few spritzes brings instant cooling relief to sore and tender tissue.

Our healing spray promotes postpartum recovery time by reducing swelling, strengthening tissue, encouraging cellular regeneration and maintaining a cleansed, bacteria-free zone.

Makes a perfect additional to a hospital bag and is ideal for those first few weeks at home.

This is an excellent gift for anyone having a baby!

To use:
Spray liberally onto perineum and surrounding areas as often as needed, including after toilet use.

Hot tip: chill in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

Perineal Recovery Spray contains 100% natural plant-based ingredients including: 

  • Aloe Vera – a healing plant that promotes wound healing and tissue repair. It reduces inflammation, pain, itch and discomfort while forming a protective and antiseptic barrier on the skin.
  • Himalayan Salt Sole – helps to cleanse the skin, relax the muscles and reduce tissue. inflammation to encourage healing.
  • Lavender – calms and soothes traumatized tissue.
  • Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel tightens tissue and reduces inflammation.
  • Frankincense aids injury and wound healing while lessoning the formation of scaring.
  • Clary Sage reduces tension in the muscles and mind.

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