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Here at Oil Me North, we combine pure wildcrafted essential oils with plant-based ingredients to nourish skin, body, and mind. Our unique product lines feature Super Budders, Super Scrubs, and Super Tinctures, that can be applied to all areas of the skin and body.

Super Budders

  • Get your daily dose of aromatherapy by applying to skin and body daily
  • Moisturize hydrate and repair skin cells
  • 100% Oil based with no emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives.
  • Stays solid at room temperature or below, but will turn to liquid when exposed to higher temperatures.
  • Vegan – Organic – Non-GMO – Plant-Based – Sustainable

Super Scrubs

  • Aromatic full body scrubs to exfoliate, detox, and nourish the skin and body
  • Made from Pure Himalayan Sea Salt, and Wildcrafted Essential Oils
  • All Super Scrubs will leave your skin and body feeling clean and revitalized
  • No emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives
  • Vegan – Organic – Non-GMO – Plant-Based – Sustainable

Super Tinctures Coming Soon

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2 reviews

  1. Love the Super Budders and Super Scrubs

    Original and Dead Sea Scrub are must-haves! My skin always feels amazing, and the benefits from the wildcrafted essential oils top it off!

  2. Love these products

    Love the muscle budder! Smells amazing and feels great. Highly recommend!

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