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No matter who you are, and where you reside in the world; the morning only begins after a sip of delicious coffee.

Whether you are on a hiking trip to the Alps, or simply making your way to work with a coffee and bagel-to-go – no day seems complete without coffee.

To the countless enterprises that may not have been born, if not for the right cup of coffee in sleepless nights. To the many office hours that would have drained us, had there not been an aromatic mug of coffee, awaiting our arrival at the cubicle. To all the times we needed a friend – and found one in deliciously brewed coffee.

Recognizing the global love for coffee, and the glory it entails, we hoped to bridge the distance like a rail unhindered by boundaries and territories.

This birthed the Old Rail Coffee Company; an online coffee shop with the aim of providing high-quality coffee to make our lives, and the world, a better place.