Hemp Candles

All Natural, Hemp Wick, approximately 40 hour burn.

Hemp up your home with these lovely hemp-based candles. Go all natural! Hemp wick based candles.


Lilac: Relax with this sweet and gentle aroma. Spark your calm, peaceful self! Soy wax, Hemp oil, Lilac essential oil, Candle dye (veggie base), yellow beeswax, Hemp wick.

Lavender & Clary Sage: Reduce your stress with this relaxing aroma. Spark inner peace and feel grounded in the present moment. Soy wax, Hemp oil, Lavender essential oil, Clary sage essential oil, Candle dye (veggie base), Yellow beeswax, Hemp wick.

Eucalyptus Lemon: Brighten your day with this fresh aroma. Spark your cheer, feel grounded and energized! Soy wax, Hemp oil, Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil, Candle dye (veggie base), Yellow beeswax, Hemp wick.

Peppermint: Stimulate your mind with this energizing aroma. Spark your focus and feel refreshed. Soy wax, Hemp oil, Peppermint essential oil, Candle dye (veggie base), Yellow beeswax, Hemp wick.

Cucumber Melon: With top notes of sweet melon balanced with the fresh and clean scent of cucumber melon. This scent will fill the entire room with the sweet smell of cucumber melon.

Vanilla Cupcake: Every one loves cupcakes! Enjoy this decadent candle by warming up your home with an amazingly sweet smell of freshly made Vanilla Cupcakes.

Grandma’s Kitchen: Enjoy this warm smelling candle that will remind you of grandma’s baking! With hints of cinnamon and baked goods(like pie!) this candle will have your house smelling like a mouth watering homemade apple pie was just baked.

Endless Sea: Endless Sea is a refreshing airy scent that will carry you away with the smell of the sea breeze, subtle hints of sweet and a dash of spice. This candle will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and like the sea is right outside your home.

Mystery Candle: This Mystery candle will have your sense of smell wondering what delightful scent is in the air. A sweet, fruity, and creamy/warm smell will have you and/or your guests feeling comfortable and wondering what this luscious smell is.


Each candle burns for approximately 40 hours. Made in Canada!

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