LET IT SNOW ~ gorgeous toque + lavender body spray + mini tea

authentically curated gifting ~ for the holidays

Warmth. Give the gift of warmth and calm this holiday season with the LET IT SNOW gift box. Perfect for those beautiful winter days that take your breath away.

nordic toque. Made of 100% Peruvian wool, fall in love with this gorgeous TOQUE in light grey that is both stylish and practical.

linen + body spray. Inhale this essential oil-infused mist featuring LAVENDAR and a calmness will be sure to take over. Spray it on linens, blanket, body and even on hair to refresh those curls.
tea. This TENDER LOVING CARE assorted tea bag kit contains two individually wrapped signature pyramid teabags: Organic Long Life Green and Organic Vanilla Rooibos.


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