After an emotional six-year wait, I adopted my beautiful daughter in 2011.

I did everything an expectant mother does – decorating the nursery, stocking up on adorable baby clothes and looking for a bag that could take me from the office to the playground. I spent over a year searching for one that suited my style, my needs and my budget. Finally I realized I needed to design my own. I wanted leather for quality and longevity but, most importantly, I wanted a style that didn’t scream baby bag. I dove into designing this labour of love, working with manufacturers in Canada, the UK and Brazil. Ultimately I found a fabulous manufacturing partner in Italy.

As a busy mom and hard working business woman, I needed a multipurpose bag that could go from the office to the playground. No other bag lives up to the challenge. I designed a multi- purpose bag based on functionality, organisation and affordable luxury. I carry this timeless bag because it covers everything from great mom to corporate chic. The Urban Bag is stylish, great quality, functional and fulfils every modern woman’s needs.

The luxurious Italian pebbled leather is beautifully soft and supple -it conforms to your body. The high quality leather is processed with the utmost respect for the environment and safeguarding the health of the workers which is very important to me.

We expanded the Collection by introducing the Urban Mini, the Small Urban Mini and the Urban Backpack. They are all modern interpretations of our timeless classic in distinctive proportions.

With every purchase, ooobaby makes a donation to World Vision. By giving back, we help provide healthcare, safety, food, water, and more to vulnerable families around the world. It’s a powerful way to help change lives!

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