Postpartum Essentials Care Box

by One Tough Mother


Prepping for a new baby can be totally overwhelming. It’s difficult to know what you really need. This beautiful box set covers the postpartum essentials needed for a faster, easier recovery and better start to breastfeeding.



This beautiful set completes your baby shower gift. It also makes the sweetest pregnancy gift to send direct to the expecting mom or parent.

If you’re expecting, this set is the simplest way to ensure you have the most important staples for a better, faster recovery and transition.


Handcrafted and sustainably packed, all of our products are made from certified organic and vegan ingredients. This holistic package supports physical, mental and emotional recovery:

♡ Recommended by most practitioners, an herbal sitz bath is one of the most effective ways to naturally treat the itching, pain and irritation that often occurs after vaginal birth. This box set comes with three “zero clean-up” Sitz Bath Teas.

Nipple Balm is critical, because often we overlook the basics we need for a comfortable journey into feeding. This balm soothes the pain that often comes from the early days of latching or pumping.

Perineal Spray for immediate relief after vaginal birth. Soothe perineal pain and promote postpartum healing with this vegan, paraben-free spray.

The Postpartum Handbook is included free with every gift box order. Being prepared for life after baby is born plays a critical role in combating postpartum depression. We believe in helping new parents in a truly holistic way.


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Hi! I’m Kristine, half of One Tough Mother. And after giving birth, I was in shock. I was in pain, and really struggling mentally + emotionally.

I felt ready for birth, but no one prepared me for postpartum. Then, when I had my second baby, the experience was night and day. I had everything I needed and knew what to expect. I mean, it’s never easy… But it was joyful!

Now, my partner Allison (who is a doula and childbirth educator) and I are on a mission to give that “second time experience” to everyone – every single time.

That’s why our postpartum boxes not only help to fast track healing + recovery, but also go far beyond that: The Postpartum Handbook is complimentary with every gift box.

This amazing guide is the easiest way to prepare for postpartum life. Filled with checklists and quick tips designed to simplify life after birth, we consulted 10 perinatal experts on everything from healing and breastfeeding to infant sleep and nutrition – and everything in between.

Let’s set new moms and parents up with *everything* they need to have a better entry into parenthood.