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Hi there!

My name is Whitney Pingert. I am the designer and creator behind all things Rinne Apparel. From my imagination to the final creation, everything is made by myself in my home studio.

As a child, I was always doing crafts, loved playing with my dolls, and playing dress-up with my two younger sisters. To me, picking the outfits was so much more fun than actual play time! I first learned to sew clothing in my local 4-H program, and often made outfits for school dances, drama plays and Halloween costumes while growing up.

After high school, my mom encouraged me to pursue my creative side by attending the Fashion Apparel Technology Program at Olds College, Alberta.

In the fall of 2011, as I was finishing up college, I started selling knit and crochet wear to friends and family. I soon built up some stock and started attending small craft sales in the area. Next came more accessories, jewelry and eventually my own clothing designs after graduating in 2012.

2013 brought the move back home to southern Manitoba where I still remain. I enjoy my travels to craft sales, markets and tradeshows across western Canada. It lets me tame my travel bug while continuing to do what I love!

Thanks to all you lovely ladies who continue to allow me to dress you! To new friends who are just joining us, we hope to meet you down the road!



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