Seafoam Bath & Body

SeaBD™ Terpene Infused Bath Fizzers with Magnesium core!

Our new Bath Fizzers are the perfect addition to your wellness routine. All-natural and vegan, each blend is carefully crafted to help relieve stress, reduce pain, nourish skin and improve mental clarity.

Developed for those with chronic ailments like fibromyalgia, eczema, insomnia & arthritis. Each Bath Fizzer uses a combination of Cannabis Sativa Oil, our proprietary SeaBD™ Terpene blend along with our signature magnesium core to help you feel better fast!

With blend names like Just Breathe, Chill Out, Good Night & Active Fresh our new Bath Fizzers are sure to do just what their names say.

We’re passionate about self-care & self-esteem that’s why each Bath Fizzer comes with a collectable encouraging Pocket Positivity card with quirky messages like “ In case no one told you today; you look beautiful! Or We believe in you! And Nice butt!” There are new cards added each month so you’ll get a variety of messages.

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