Simpatico Makers

Beeswax Wraps

Simpatico Makers Beeswax wrap is made of 100% cotton and unrefined beeswax (sourced locally north of Edmonton). There are NO oils or resins.

The wrap comes in a variety of patterns, is 100cm long and varies in widths (17cm , 23 cm, 32 cm). The size allows it to be completely customizable, you cut the size you need.

Wash with warm water and dish soap, let dry and use again. After the first few uses (and washings) you may notice some of the wax crumbling off, this is normal.

To maintain, iron wax wrap between 2 parchment papers. This process melts and redistributes the wax back into the cotton, rejuvenating it.

The wax wraps work better with use (and ironing).

NO raw meat or fish, and keep away from open flame.

Use your imagination, make into bags, cut into strips (work great for twist ties and fire starter). Possibilities are endless.

I can customize as well , so if your looking for something specific, please contact me directly. ( only for larger orders)

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