Sleeveless Rompers

by Bababoo

Bababoo is a small family-owned and operated business, bringing you unique handmade baby products that are both comfortable yet stylish. Our items are one of a kind and made from hand selected cotton-blend fabrics, most of which are Canadian.

My story began in September 2018, when I gave birth to my own little bundle of joy, Isabelle, who I struggled to find good quality and affordable clothing for in Canada. Having already sewn bits and bobs myself over the years, I started making little outfits and accessories for her. Everyone who saw them couldn’t believe that I had made them myself, and since I decided to become a stay at home mum, it has given me the opportunity to start sharing my unique collection with you! Bababoo rompers, tees, joggers and dresses are all designed for babies from birth to 2 years of age. Summer or winter, they are great for morning cuddles or afternoon’s playing.

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