Social Made Local

Socially Responsible Apparel

Apparel for creators, positivity for everyone.

Each of our designs is inspired by how we, as creators, explore the world and express ourselves. Every day we have the choice to elevate people or tear them down. Choose kindness. It’s that simple.

It’s our sincerest hope that expressing yourself on social media brings you joy, wearing our clothing makes you happy and that you choose to make content that creates a more loving universe.

3 reviews

  1. Fantastic service every time. I’ve never had a bad experience with SML – amazing clothes, wonderful community and rad events. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a brand more willing to show off the work of its community; they’ve cultivated quite the special place for creatives

  2. Amazing

    Love the designs. Very fresh! The message Social Made Local conveys is awesome.

  3. A local company we can feel good about

    Great quaility, beautiful designs and a company I feel good about supporting. I love everything this brand stands for and I wear my SML shirts with pride.

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