Sofs Designs

3d papercraft DIY, wood models, sewn fabric bags & stationery

Sofs Designs emerged from a mixture of the need to create and the pleasure of making stuff. Sofs is a wanderer who believes that making is empowering and in turn, loves to empower herself and others while on journey.

That said, we constantly and actively search for ways to have people engage in ‘making’ their own and then sharing the joy and passion that results from it. This also means that when you buy from ‘makers’ (like us), you help people that are passionate about ‘making’ live a life that is fulfilling and empowering. That’s huge! Thank you.

​Sophie Marcoux (aka Sofs)
DIY enthusiast, designer, artisan, maker…actively engaged in the pursuit of making it happen!


We got fun stuff, here are an quick example of what you get with our DIY 3d papercraft.

Templates are printed on quality card stock.

Kits are sent containing cardstock template and instructions to make the 3D paper model papercraft seen in picture. All you will need to do once you receive your template in the mail is cut, score, and assemble!

Have fun making stuff…you`ll feel happy and live longer!