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Hi Guys, I’m Marie-Eve Beaulé:)

Just for you to know…
In 2015, I discovered the beautiful world of organic products while living in Australia. I immediately saw the massive impact & positive effects that natural products have on our skin, health and well being.

Native from Quebec but an explorer by nature, I have learned from many culture and always try to express this through my work. In 2017, I moved to Toronto and realized how much people value Natural-Organic Ingredients. I felt extremely inspired and decided to pursue my life long dream of creating my own Organic Skin Care Company. Everyone is different and being yourself is the greatest sign of BEAUTY. That’s why all the products can be CUSTOMIZED and reflect who YOU are.

I am very excited to share my love through Soi BioLuxe, Pure Beauty Your Way.

Avec Amour

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  1. I truly recommend it !

    The best natural anti-aging product in Canada !

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