Sophina Design

Gifts, Accessories, Stationery, Home decor

Sophina Design is a Vancouver-based surface pattern design company. Sophina creates a set of different gifts for you with beautiful sophisticated designs. You explain what is in your mind and Sophina Design creates it for you. Personalized gifts are a lot interesting and eye-catching for everybody.

Sophie is the founder behind the brand creating custom designs in home decor, apparel, and stationery design. Sophina Design’s uniqueness lies in its inspiring pattern designs and uplifting illustrations with a sophisticated, imaginative, and delicate style.

It all started a long time ago in a faraway land where true art is still respected, admired, and appreciated. Sophie was caught up in the beauty of patterns and started illustrating.  Those illustrated patterns paved the way to her higher calling as a pattern designer.

She tries to reach beyond art and appeal to her viewer’s souls. She thinks that’s more than art, that’s magic. It is the kind of magic she loves to create and gently etch into people’s hearts and minds so that it helps them grow as human beings.

You can see some of her public designs and products link below:

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