Learn Human Design

a comprehensive guide to centers

Examining your human design centers in great depth is the key to enhancing your life. Reconnect with your inner self and discover the depths of your consciousness.
What if you had the chance to discover your authentic self?

Would you be ready to accept your identity with an open mind and heart?

Getting to know your individual energy and your unique design enables you to make wiser decisions in life.

The Human Design System, developed in 1987, has assisted thousands of people in discovering their actual identities.

By combining ancient philosophy and modern science, Human Design was developed to assist you in creating a clear map of your bodygraph, which is separated into nine centers, so you can meet the person you’re meant to be and live the life you’re meant to lead.

And there isn’t a better way to understand your Human Design than by discovering everything there is to know about each of your body centers.

This incredibly intuitive and informative guide explores the nine centers of the bodygraph, walking you through the consistency of your energy and the energy you give to others, allowing you to make the most of the strengths in each of these areas.

Inside this must-have manual on mastering your Human Design, you will discover:

The nine centers of Human Design and their positions in your body
The defined and undefined expressions of each center — identify the places where your expression is low or high and work on them to bring about a transformation
An overview of what it’s like to live with a defined and undefined center — to help you determine whether your center is aligned
Positive affirmations to help you connect with your centers and reap the benefits of each
An end-of-chapter writing section for each center — explore your insights and reflections about an undefined or defined area
The three phases of Human Design — unlearn, adapt, and relearn new ways to get through each stage!
NEW UPDATE – now includes information on channels
And much more!

When properly tapped into, your Human Design can elevate your life in terms of career, relationships, and self-awareness.

You have a bigger calling waiting for you. To attain the success you were designed for, follow your own blueprint.

Start the journey to greatness now!

It’s time to discover your true self and begin living life from a fresh viewpoint