Spruce & Linen

Weaving Looms, Kits, Tools & Supplies

Hi, I’m Jenell, the creator, and artist behind Spruce & Linen. I work from my home in Northern Alberta making handwoven wall hangings, YouTube tutorials & vlogs, laser made weaving tools, and doing a whole lot of sanding of said weaving tools in our garage. ⁣


⁣Back in 2013, I graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with a diploma in Fibre Arts (weaving, felting, spinning, dyeing, design). I moved back home and had to pay off student loans, so I stepped away from Fibre Arts and moved jobs a few times, from upholstery to operating industrial embroidery machines. ⁣

In 2018 I had started Spruce & Linen and began creating handwoven wall hangings on frame looms, and in 2019 I started sharing my knowledge on YouTube! I spent almost 2 years building up this little business of mine before quitting my day job in October of 2019 to go all in with my business. ⁣

And that brings us to today! I’m over here navigating entrepreneurship and running a YouTube channel, loving the learning and growing and figuring things out.