The Clean Crate Company {Seasonal Subscription Box}

Canadian Eco Brands | Daily Household Cleaning Essentials

A fun, convenient, curated delivery of your daily household cleaning essentials. Always all natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic products from 100% Canadian brands. Free Canada wide shipping! 

New brands to try every season – delivered to your home every 3 months so you are always stocked with your essentials.  Clean Crates include: surface cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher + laundry detergent, plus new bonus eco extras to try in every crate.

Scented and Unscented options available. 

Need anything else?  Choose from a selection of eco-friendly household products in our Add-on Shop that ship free with your Clean Crate.  Always have everything you need to green up your clean up!

Good Clean Products. Delivered.

1 review

  1. Love Convenient Clean Crate!!

    I had been thinking of switching to chemical free cleaning products but wasn’t sure where to start! Well Clean Crate solved that problem! They had done all the research & I just had to order! Perfect! I LOVE all the products! I was a little concerned about the auto resend in 3 months as I live alone & would never use everything in 3 months. No problem! Just emailed & my next Crate will come in another 3 months. Easy! Also during this time I don’t have to venture out to restock, perfect for this senior! Thank you Clean Crate🙏

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