The Pretty Things

Where pretty and sweary come together!

Heyyyy! My name is Kimberley…and I like sweary things.

Not everything is sweary in my world. I am beyond in love with anything floral. I just happen to love my Fresh Out of Fucks mug, which is covered in flowers. Cough.


I’m multifaceted and am pretty positive I’m not alone in that! A girl has a right to change her mind, her earrings, and her sweary mug multiple times in the same day.

I’m just a girl sharing my love of pretty things, my fun and very sweary sense of humor. Plus, cats. I love my cats. This is probably the part where I say I have a husband and two kids as well, right? But mostly the cats. If you’re a dog person, you’re still welcome in the pretty world if you’re cool that cats are number one.

So much fun awaits us! Let’s find all the pretty, sweary things together.

Smooches! Kimberley

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