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Hi my name is Shelley & together with my friend Jan we launched TRUE NORTH  in June 2019.

The passion for TRUE NORTH came out of a love for the Canadian small business owner. We both come from families who have run their own small businesses and we have seen the love, pride and passion that is poured into the products that come from them.

We love to come alongside these wonderful businesses from every province & territory in Canada in order to fill our subscription & gift boxes with their unique products. And by doing so, we like to say that we deliver boxes of Canadian comfort to your front porch.

In our boxes you will find a variety of home decor, candles, edibles, drinkables, jewelry, self care products and so much more.

We offer three very different boxes, True North our signature box, True Hope our faith-filled box & Northern Lights our Candle Experience Box (which btw won best new box for 2020 – eek!).

With every purchase that is made we make a donation to Compassion Canada’s ‘Gifts of Mercy‘ program that helps moms & dads start their own small business so that they can support their own families!

As a subscriber or one-time box buyer you are also offered special discounts to our Moose Creek Market Place.

Thank you for considering True North for your next purchase, we are incredibly thankful as we partner together to support small businesses and the Canadian economy. We can’t wait to deliver a box of Canadian comfort to your front porch!

With thankfulness,

Shelley & Jan

We are always open and here for you!