“Trust the process” Quote Cuff

by NoirxCollection

✨ Hi Love, Welcome!
Come have a look at  our beautiful clothing and jewelry! Our jewelry is meant to provide you with meaningful quality pieces to wear everyday. most of our items have intentional phrases to remind you of your wonderful ness or just have a nice reminder or motivating word for you. They also have a nice Arabic & English twist to them by having English words and phrases on one side and the Arabic word or phrase translation on the back which is a great way to show new meaningful words in other languages or gift a special gift❤️.

all necklaces and bracelets are 18k gold plated and rust and tarnish proof. They also come with lifetime warranty, if any rusting, colouring or breakage happens we will exchange at no cost you just pay shipping.

Our clothing brand is very dear to us in this time with all the chaos in the world, we wanted to express our feelings and support to other people of colour in this time so we put together a collection of fun graphic shirts & sweaters🍂✨



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