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Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Statement Jewelry

Angela Kellsey began her creative journey as a singer/songwriter and found herself years later designing polymer clay statement jewelry in expression of her latent rocker soul.

Angela felt there was a need in the marketplace for more audacious designs suited for the unconventional yet modern woman, so Uprise Jewelry was born.

Uprise Jewelry is a collection of bold, fantastical, and sometimes whimsical, statement pieces created to inspire you to take on the performer inside and express yourself truly and confidently.

In 2017, Angela had the amazing opportunity to design a jewelry piece for the hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Her necklace is worn by the character ‘Bonnie’ in Season 8, Episode 1: “Hello, Brother”.

Visit Uprise Jewelry to view collections and more purchasing locations: www.uprisejewelry.com

5 reviews

  1. Highly recommend this shop

    I enjoy wearing every piece of jewellery that I have purchased from Uprise Jewelry and have had many compliments.

  2. Wonderful unique pieces

    I have purchased numerous pieces from Angela from cuffs to necklaces to earrings. One of my favorite pieces is a bracelet she special made for me to fit my medic alert ID. Her pieces are one of a kind and she takes care in making sure your order is perfect.

  3. Angela is a great artist nobody can doubt it, just by admiring her incredible designs and detailed work. Wearing her jewelry is very special. I bought some pieces and I have beautiful compliments always. I plan on buying more pieces and wearing them in other different occasions.

  4. Beautifully detailed jewelry!

    I have ordered several pieces from Uprise. I love the uniqueness of her jewelry and the quality of each piece. I am amazed at the detail and textures she can create. Looking forward to seeing Angela’s next collection!

  5. Wearable Art

    I have been purchasing Angela’s amazing items for years. I love her vision and how it translates into the most beautiful pieces of wearable art!❤

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