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We are a women’s online boutique dedicated to providing only the best quality, 100% vegan + cruelty-free products. We are the one-stop-shop for all vegan friendly fashion, beauty and lifestyle items. A unique place where fashion and compassion are beautifully meshed together without sacrificing style, aesthetics or quality. We support brands that take animal cruelty out of the mix and provide you with beautifully crafted, luxury vegan products.


None of the products sold on Vogue x Virtue contain any animal fibers or animal derived ingredients and are 100% cruelty-free + vegan. All brands listed do not contain any animal fibers such as leather, fur, wool, silk or animal derived ingredients in any fashion, beauty or lifestyle items.


Fashion and High Moral Standards. Virtues are said to be the essence of character, behaviors in which we show high moral standards. Vogue x Virtue is committed to redefining the fashion industry by creating a place where fashion and beauty encompass high moral standards and compassion towards animals, people and the environment. We focus on sustainability and try to reduce our eco-footprint through sourcing eco-friendly materials, ethical + responsible manufacturing and limit the use of plastic packaging whenever possible.

CORE VALUES: Ethical, Compassion, Kindness and Quality + Beautiful Aesthetics.

WE GIVE BACK: We care about giving back to the planet, the people and the environment too! We allow customers to make their own personal touch with the ability to choose which charitable organization they would like their 3% of donated sales to go towards. We believe you can make the world a more cruelty-free and sustainable place, one purchase at a time.

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