Wazzi’s Wear

Women’s Online Clothing Boutique

Wazzi’s Wear was founded in August 2016. “Wazzi” is a family nickname, hence the name of our business! Wazzi’s Wear started out selling leggings at vendor sales, markets, and on Facebook, and has since branched into other styles of women’s clothing.

We offer high-quality women’s clothing at affordable prices in both regular and plus sizes. Dresses, tops, cardigans, jackets and coats, swimwear, maternity, lounge and sleepwear, shorts and more!

Thank you for supporting our small business!!


2 reviews

  1. Perfect

    Wazzi’s Wear is a great family owned Company with lots of great legging, shirts, dresses, capris and shorts in a variety of sizes.

  2. I was so glad to find this local family run business. The selection and service have been outstanding. With local Brandon, Manitoba pick-up and delivery it is easy to have a new garment ready to wear in a flash. That being said, shipping has always been quick and easy as well. I love looking to see what has arrived lately. Always something new!

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