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Custom Cottage/Camp Signs by RC Originals

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Our solid PVC signs are perfect for any cottage near the water. They are superior to wood in their resistance to warping, cracking, UV damage and deterioration caused by heat, cold, rain and snow. The special stained wood affect offers a very pleasing and long lasting appearance enhancing curb appeal. The are available in many popular colors of our exterior grade long lasting formulated wood stain affect finish.

Regardless of which color stain affect you choose, the v-carved lettering, border groove, boat, edge will be bright white. Available in a variety of wood stain affect colours. We also have a variety of carving colours available.

Common sign sizes are 10.5″ x 15.75″, 9″ x 14″, 10″ x 20″ and 10.5″ inch x 22″.

Material: Solid Exterior ¾ inch thick PVC Trim Board.

Finishes: Top grade exterior 100% acrylic finish combined with top quality liquid polycarbonate.

Mounting Options: This sign comes with your choice of option for your mounting preference: keyhole slots on the back for easy and secure mounting (see photo), or two eye screws installed on the top edge for suspending your sign from a mounting arm. You can specify which by selecting the appropriate option from the “Mounting Preference” drop-down field.

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