5 Meaningful & Mindful Kids Gifts


Mindfulness is the art of bringing awareness to the present moment. It’s the ability to quiet the mind and bring awareness and acceptance to our thoughts and feelings.

Feels peaceful, doesn’t it?

Now add kids to the mix – unpredictable toddlers, rambunctious grade schoolers, erratic teenagers … Still feeling peaceful?

At first glance, mindfulness and children would seem completely at odds but children are really at the perfect age for embracing the principles of mindfulness with their impressionable minds and openness to learning new things.

Education, health and parenting experts too recognize that mindfulness is a valuable lifelong skill that can help children navigate our modern world.

Today’s culture of materialism doesn’t make it easy though, the urge to have seems unavoidable (it only takes one birthday party with loot bags to feel hopeless about it). In this kind of environment, being mindful – of what we have and what we think and feel about it, is harder to do. Especially during the holidays where, despite our best intentions, the quantity of gifts (and the pleading for them) often trumps quality.

If you’re looking for a different kind of gift this holiday season, we’ve put together a gift guide with products that promote mindfulness in children but that are fun and educational too. All are, of course, from local businesses in Canada.

  1. Love Powered Co.

The products sold by this company are based on affirmations promoting positive self-talk, confidence, self-love and self worth. They have a box set of affirmation cards available (digital and print versions) for kids and one for teens. Each card highlights a power, such as ‘love’ or ‘brilliance’, affirmations to go with it and discussion questions.  

2. Cuddle + Kind

These hand-knit dolls are made by women artisans in Peru but the Canadian family of 5 that runs the business provides 10 meals to children in need from the sale of each one.

3. Stash + Story

Thoughtfully designed by two parents, this memory book helps parents record memories and stash keepsakes, the acts of which themselves bring mindfulness to the experience of parenting your kids.

4. Sweet Clover Studios

Author, designer and educator Tamara Hackett has a passion for instilling mindfulness in children. Her products include children’s books on mindfulness (Mindful ABCs and Mindful 1,2,3) and a mini movie bundle and guide that introduces children to mindfulness in a fun way.

5. I Am Fearless

In this illustrated book, authors Apryl Dawn and Amanda Cottrell show kids how they can discover their own inner superhero by connecting to their inner calm and balance.

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Article written by Mae Kroeis

Mae Kroeis is a Certified Professional Life Coach who helps people feeling stuck figure out what would really bring them fulfillment. What fills her up is supporting clients as they ‘maek it happen’. You can find her on Instagram @maeking_it_happen or at maekithappen.ca. Mae is also a freelance writer with a background in mental health promotion and Master’s degree in Public Health – Health Promotion.

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