Mother-Daughter Business Klas Squared

We absolutely love seeing mothers and daughters come together to build businesses like Lori and Kirsten from Klas Squared (based in London, ON) have. We asked this mother-daughter business duo some questions about their business partnership, what it’s really like working together as a mother-daughter business and any tips they have for up and coming mother-daughter duos. Enjoy!

How did your business come together? Share a bit about your start in business.

    • Mother-daughter duo Lori Schmidtke and Kirsten Schmidtke are the beauty and brains behind fashion accessories brand Klas squared. Born from a need to be creative, to leave an impact, and to build something to call their own, the pair teamed up to develop designs that make women feel joyful, feminine, and powerful.

Why did you decide to work together?

    • Together, these two women have learned that the potential of working together far exceeds what they could achieve individually. By acknowledging one’s weaknesses were the other’s strengths, Lori and Kirsten soon realized the impact of working together ultimately discovering the Power of Two. 


What’s one thing that contributes to your success as a Mother-Daughter duo?

    • The same reason that we decided to work together: our strengths compliment each others weaknesses. While Lori has an eye for bringing colour, texture, aesthetic and style together in our designs combined with the skill of hand-making our pieces, Kirsten is happy implementing processes, reviewing spreadsheets, and developing the business strategy.

What’s your favourite moment working together so far?

    • When we get to escape to celebrate small wins and plan for future ones! We love our annual trip up to Muskoka in the winter, and dinners at Richmond Station or Terroni’s after a full-day shooting the Fall or Spring collections. But these moments don’t happen without the hard work in between. The best moments are when we’re brainstorming a collection, design, or idea and our thoughts align to spark something magical – that’s how we came up with the Power of Two!

What advice do you have for other Mother-Daughter business partners? Is this something you would recommend?

    • Be clear in your roles and responsibilities and be honest about where you need help.

Mother – Share your favourite thing about working with your daughter:

    • She gives me a different perspective on business and design, helping me to get out of my comfort zone. After years of working and designing as a solopreneur, it is encouraging to have someone who makes you feel valued for your skills and experience. Not to mention, it’s fun sharing fashion and style inspiration with one another!

Daughter – Share your favourite thing about working with your Mother:

    • She is the only person that can get me out of a funk. When I’m feeling low or unmotivated, she has the uncanny ability to help get me out of my rut and give the words of encouragement I need to persevere. She reminds me that if I set my mind to it, I truly can do anything; and let’s be honest, your mother is always right.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know this amazing mother-daughter business duo and local Canadian shop. You can check out their contemporary jewelry pieces here

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