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We’re so excited to introduce you to Tammy, the owner of Clove Pink, a boutique lifestyle subscription box business based in Red Deer, AB in this blog post. We asked Tammy a few questions about her journey as an entrepreneur so far and know you’re going to love all that she has to share. Enjoy!


What would you say is the #1 thing it takes to be successful?

  • Taking action

What’s one thing you do everyday that contributes to your success?

  • Practice mindfulness. I journal and set an intention for my day.

What’s one book that’s contributed to your business success?

  • Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

What is your favourite productivity tip?

  • Take 15-20 at the end of your day to write down 3-5 tasks/priorities for the next day.

What inspired you to start your business?

  • Not wanting to live with regret. I want to feel accomplished and fulfilled that I did everything in my life to bring joy and freedom to myself and others.

Do you have a morning routine that you swear by? What is it and why does it contribute to your success?

  • I use Insight Timer’s meditation app and listen to morning meditation about creating abundance and then I take 15 – 30 minutes to journal. I start my journal by writing “When I ….. I will feel ….” Then I write “I am so happy and grateful now that …” It is a great way to start the day with positive visualization and gratitude.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business? 

  • Seek out a network of fellow entrepreneurs to share information and resources. It can feel like you are alone sometimes. Being able to connect with others who are going through something similar will help to keep you motivated and hopeful so you don’t lose your momentum.

How do you maintain a positive mindset in business and life when those inevitable challenges arise? 

  • I remind myself that this feeling or challenge is temporary and I accept it as part of growing and learning. “Tomorrow is a new day”

Do you have a favourite business podcast? Why do you love it? 

  • Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is one of my favourites. I like the quality of the guests and the topics about self-improvement and mindset.

How do you relax and recharge? 

  • I enjoy spending time with friends and a bottle of wine.

Thank you so much to Tammy for sharing some of her greatest success tips and general business advice. So many great tips! 

To learn more about her business and to order her subscription box, check out Clove Pink

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