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We’re excited to introduce you to Erica, the owner behind Aster & Vine, an online shop based in Rossland, BC that offers specialty fibre arts supplies for Canadian crafters.

Aster and Vine, Shop Local CANADA, Behind The Biz

What does the perfect morning look like to you?

    • My perfect morning starts with feeling well-rested and refreshed, a cozy blanket, and a delicious cup of coffee. Add to that my kids playing nicely and the sun shining and I am one happy person.

What did you do before you started your business?

    • Before I started my own business I had already had a number of careers, including working in the government and being a high school teacher, but most importantly I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids after they were born. After being a full-time stay at home parent for almost 4 years though, I realized that I needed to find something that would complement my role as a mother, while allowing me to pursue my own interests.

When people shop from you, how does that impact you and your family?

    • When people shop from me I literally do a little happy dance! I feel so lucky that people trust what they see online enough to buy from me. The majority of items I sell are used by people to create art, and it is very cool to have a (small) part in what they create.
Aster and Vine

What’s your proudest moment in your business so far?

    • The proudest moment in my business so far was finding the courage to start it! Sometimes I still wonder how I got myself into all this but it has been worth all the hardships and successes that has come with it.

What 3 words best describe your business?

    • The three words that best describe my business are creativity, beauty, and respect.

What’s your favourite thing about owning a small business?

    • My favourite thing about owning a small business is the flexibility it allows me. I’m able to bring my kids to school, get stuff done around the house, all while pursuing something that I am passionate about. I get to try out new products and I never have to apologize to my husband for buying another craft supply!

What’s your favourite holiday and why?

    • My favourite holiday is Aboriginal day. For several years my husband and I lived in Yellowknife and before this I don’t think I ever took note of Aboriginal day. Living in the north though, this was my very favourite day of the year. We would head out of town, to the celebration and enjoy traditional foods and crafts, and stay up all night and enjoy every last bit of daylight. We don’t live in the north anymore, but this holiday still holds a special place for me.

What’s one of your biggest values when it comes to your business?

  • One of the biggest values when it comes to my business is finding a way to make fibre art more sustainable. This is why I focus largely on recycled and upcycled materials. We only have one planet, and if there is a way to make waste into something useful and beautiful, we need to do it.

Aside from your business, what’s your biggest passion?

    • Aside from my business, my biggest passion is getting outside and enjoying nature – and helping my kids enjoy nature as well! I want to be outside, exploring and playing as much as possible.
Aster and Vine

If you could road trip anywhere next weekend, where would you go and why?

  • If I could take a road trip anywhere next weekend I would choose to go camping at any one of the magnificent provincial parks that surround me here in British Columbia. I feel so incredibly lucky to live where I do, we are spoiled in what surrounds us.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Erica and learning how passionate she is about her business, Aster & Vine. You can learn more about Erica and check out all her amazing products by visiting her website.

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Aster and Vine, Shop Local CANADA, Behind The Biz

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